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"We could not have done any of this without you Bernadette. You have been so efficient and very professional with excellent advice. I would never have thought of some of the schools you proposed. [Name] is now at [school]. They are taking such good care of her. With your amazing help we are really hoping that [name] is now much happier and back on track, I can’t thank you enough." AW

"We would both like to thank you very much for all your work. You have done exactly what we needed, even though we weren't quite sure what that was!  You have been professional at all times, and very timely with your responses to our questions, and your experience/knowledge gave us great confidence.
We feel very lucky to have found you to help us through the process."  AT & LT

"It’s been a rollercoaster experience finding a school but we would never be in the current position of [name] having a place at [school] without your help and support, so thank you! It means so very much to us that [name] is finally in school and we have hope again that their future is filled with possibilities." J&D M

"I cannot express how much happier we all are (and how glad I am that we alighted on your service to help us sort out what felt like a desperate situation). Thank you so much for finding an environment that has filled [our daughter] with enthusiasm and given her so much to look forward to ... it is so much more in keeping with her age and outlook - and you knew this from the beginning!"  MH

We just wanted to drop you a line and say that both of our girls started [school] and couldn't be happier! The school has been great in making sure that everything is working for [name].  We would like you to know that our family will always be extremely grateful to you for having found this lovely school for our girls and for giving [name] such a great start to her education.  E & JVR

"As an SEN parent, navigating the many complexities of the system when it comes to finding the right provision for your child is overwhelming, and it sometimes feels like nobody is on your side. I am so grateful we came across Bernadette, not only for her expert knowledge of the SEN sector and thorough approach in evaluating settings, but for how she partners with parents all round to make sure they get the best possible outcome. Her understanding of our world is vast and she is always on hand to advise and support with true empathy when it comes to the challenges. I cannot speak highly enough of the support and service she offers."   HBu

"I feel lighter already. It really helped to speak to someone who knows the facts and understands."   JH

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"The whole point of using you was to ensure we did not miss anything and it has proved a worthwhile investment as we would not have considered [school], yet it is not only the only truly suitable school for J, but also an ideal one."  JB

"We are so grateful for your help and advice, I see now that there is no question that [our son] needed to move and what a school to move to! He is thrilled and we are all much happier."  MW

"It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you – so professional, caring and informative and also so quick at coming back with good information and advice." PS and DS

We are absolutely delighted as [name] has been offered a place at [school] this afternoon. We would like to thank you hugely for all your support and help with finding this school and we feel that [name] will be so happy here. Your services have been invaluable and given us options that we didn’t consider. It’s given us hope for the future when we felt there was no school setting that was appropriate for [name].   GH

Our daughter was struggling at a school which simply didn’t know how to support her. She was lagging behind and her self esteem was low. We spoke with Bernadette and felt very reassured when within a week or so we had five schools showing an interest in meeting us and our daughter. A week after that we had seen two schools and our daughter had an offer of a place at a mainstream boarding school we were particularly impressed by. She is now happily settled there with a new group of friends in a very caring environment, chatting about school quite freely which is something she’s never done before. Without Bernadette’s expert assistance we could never have achieved this for our daughter.”  Mrs B

"I am very grateful to Bernadette for her help in guiding us through the process of  finding a secondary school for my son who has autism and dyspraxia. It is stressful and we were struggling trying to do it ourselves, but Bernadette understands the process and is always there to speedily respond to questions in a helpful, calm and reassuring way. Bernadette really knows the schools and also has many other professional contacts. I would thoroughly recommend her service."   HBi

"I am really grateful for the direction that you gave us which removed much of the stress from the process and helped us zone in quickly on the best options. Superstar service."   CD

"Your help has been invaluable to me. The task of relocating a child with special educational needs to a different school is a stressful one. The task of relocating to a school in a different country is more challenging by far. I only started to believe that it was achievable as we planned out the visits to a number of schools and all the associated logistics. You gave me all the support I needed and then some! I am truly impressed by your integrity and professionalism."   VB

"As you suggested, we contacted the school yesterday, who responded sensitively and swiftly to secure an immediate place. After weeks of angst and sleepless nights about what to do, just half an hour with you gave us the confidence to set our son on a new direction for his future education. We now feel he will be in a school where he can work to his potential and have the support to grow and flourish."  SM

"Thank you for all your help, support and guidance. Without you we wouldn't be where we are now. Your advice was invaluable for us and in many aspects instrumental to securing this wonderful outcome for [name]."  EH

"We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with our school search and arranging that first meeting with [school]. I really don’t think we would have considered it without your expert guidance. While we obviously cannot know what the future holds for us or [child], we are feeling more positive about it than we have done for years."   MP

"Bernadette was as essential as air to us throughout the whole arduous procedure of researching and analysing specialist schools for our son. Her reviews were incredibly factual and accurate as she tapped in immediately to our son’s very specific educational needs making an extremely stressful time a little easier to get through and manage. I would wholeheartedly recommend her expert services to anyone in need of guidance and support whilst seeking the correct school placement for their child."   NC

"Thank you so much for your help in finding a school for my girls, your guidance has been invaluable to me in making the right choices. You always gave me the right advice about what to look for. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for schools for their children, especially if they are based outside of the UK."   ZE

"Thank you so very much for all of your help. We wouldn’t have been in the very positive position that we are now, without your excellent input."    SN

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