Bernadette John, Director

I have walked in your shoes. My eldest son has special needs following a premature birth. I have agonised over school choices, had to remove him from schools in crisis situations, and fought many battles with the local authority to secure the right school and college places for him. I have also juggled his needs alongside those of my two mainstream sons, and found the elusive combination of suitable schools within a manageable school run.

I have worked in the SEN world for more than 20 years, initially in voluntary roles advising and advocating for parents of SEN children, and working with government pathfinder organisations to establish local SEN services. More recently I was head of a leading school guide's SEN consultancy and editorial divisions from 2015-2019. I have visited and reviewed hundreds of SEN and mainstream schools, and provided advice to thousands of parents.

Most clients will work directly with me, but I also have a network of professionals who I can refer you on to if their experience will be more appropriate for your needs.

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Bernadette John

SEN Education Consultant

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