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Employee support services

Talks and clinics

Seminars and webinars for groups of employees. Topics covered include how to find the right mainstream school for SEN; getting SEN help in school; identifying SEN and getting diagnoses/assessments; legal obligations on schools and local authorities when a child has SEN; the EHCP process; and life hacks for parents dealing with all the family challenges that occur when a child has SEN.

One-to-one clinics where employees can discuss their particular concerns in confidence can also be provided.

'Your presentations are so packed with important information which you communicate incredibly well.'


'The passion you feel as an advocate for parents to be educated about the system, the process and the options in order to give their children the best education possible is very clear, as is the work you put into your presentations.'


'It was clear, informative and extremely useful to those of us trying to navigate the SEN process. Thank you!'

'This seminar was hugely informative.'

'Very useful and informative webinar.

Relocation services

Assistance for employees who are relocating from other parts of the UK or from overseas, to help them find schools (mainstream and special) which can meet their family's needs in one manageable school run. Plus help to find professional and family support in their new location.

School finding services

Finding the right school when your child has special educational needs is extremely difficult and time-consuming. I can work with parents either individually, or as part of an HR package, to identify suitable schools and support them through the application and assessment process, reducing the time demands and mental load on the parent.

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