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We provide education consultancy services direct to parents. Our school recommendations are strictly impartial. Unlike some education consultants, we do not take any commission from schools when placing children, meaning you can be assured that we will always, and only, be selecting schools based on your child's best interests.

We can guide you to the right schools for your child's needs right across mainland UK. Searches can be tailored to your preference to cover mainstream and/or special; state and/or private; and boarding and/or day schools and colleges.

Full consultancy package


This service comprises an initial consultation by phone or video; report reading; research into suitable schools in your chosen areas and sectors; liaison with schools; providing a shortlist of suggested schools to visit; assistance with setting up visits and assessments/taster days; post-visit discussions; availability throughout the service for any questions you have or guidance needed; referrals to other professionals where needed; and help to reach a decision on the best school for your child. 


This is ideal for those who are new to, or bewildered by, SEN systems and need help to navigate their way; who are unfamiliar with UK education; or who simply do not have the time and need support with the process.

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Research package 


This service comprises an initial consultation by phone or video; reading of your child’s expert reports; research into schools in your chosen geographic areas and sectors; and providing a longlist of suggested schools which can potentially meet your child’s needs for you to explore further.


This is most suitable for those who already know their way around the SEN system and may already have an EHCP, and who can commit their own time for further investigations and liaison with schools; or for those who require a budget option.


School search package prices are based on the scale of your search, for example whether you are looking at both mainstream and special schools, or one sector only, and how wide a geographic area you wish to consider.  Following an initial consultation you will be provided with a proposal detailing the work to be undertaken, and a price for your chosen package.

Booking an initial consultation


All packages begin with an initial consultation, which comprises:

  •  Up to 60 minutes’ reading of key reports prior to the call

  •  Up to 60 minutes’ consultation by phone or video 

  •  Providing a detailed brief and costing for a school search package post-call if required


The price for an initial consultation is £190.  If you decide to go ahead with one of our packages, this sum will be deducted from the package fee.


During the call we can discuss the types of school which may suit your child, and entry processes and admission timelines for these.  We can also answer any immediate questions you have and provide information on aspects such as gaining expert reports and EHCPs.  Should you wish to have help in identifying specific schools, we will gather any further information needed about your child; discuss your school requirements and preferences; explain how the service works; and agree on a brief.  


To book an initial consultation, complete the form here or contact us on, with details of preferred days/times for the call.

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